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Platte Valley School District has implemented the payment system. is an online web-based payment system that provides wide flexibility to both parents and schools managing lunch accounts, fees, activities, registrations and miscellaneous school programs.

Please understand: Transactions cost will be allocated to the Parent/Guardian/User. These funds include a $1.75 transaction fee on all ACH, or a 4% fee on all credit card transactions.

PayForIt accepts credit card prepayments 24 hours a day with an automated update to the QSP-Point of sale system at the school. Allows parents to fund their children’s accounts from the comfort of their home or office, night or day.

Private and Secure
Registration and credit card information is protected with the most advanced Internet security (Secure Socket Layer with 128-bit encryption with secure certificate exchange). Your information is stored securely and privately.

Below you will find a few links to assist you:

How Do I Sign Up For PayForIt

How Do I Make a Lunch Payment

How Do I Add Students to My Account